Tuesday, August 07, 2007

blue jay treasure

For some reason I have been finding blue jay feathers in the backyard all week. Each is different, but each glows an unbelievable blue against the parched ground.

evening warmth

This beautiful image came from our trip up north, shot as the sun was setting. In that lovely "golden hour" everything takes on the pink-orange cast of evening.


These rolling hills are familiar territory from my years in Ohio, a spot that I passed frequently on country drives. I love the deep green just after a rain.

summer haze

I have always loved this field, especially in the deep heat of summer. The humidity lingers over everything, tying together golden grass and treelines.

sun baked

The recent heat wave here in Tennessee (several days in a row over 100 degrees with no rain in sight) has inspired this piece, a dry field cracking in the sun. It has truly been a year of records here, strange weather in all seasons.

fields in motion

This image caught my eye for its rolling fields, waves and lines of alternating crops against dark trees. I miss this sort of land, rolling Ohio farms. It is most difficult in summer, which was always my favorite season there, watching the crops slowly grow until harvest.

green hills

After feeling under the weather for the better part of the week, I find myself again in the position of catching up on delinquent posts. I have been sorting through piles of old reference in my studio, and have come across several little gems. Before getting a really great digital camera, I shot all my reference on an old 35mm all-manual camera that gave me tiny, blurry prints. Not ideal for painting large pieces, but great for doing tiny studies like these.