Thursday, July 05, 2007


We made a last-mintue decision to head downtown for Nashville's famous fireworks just as we saw them beginning on television. I couldn't in good conscience know that the massive display was happening only three miles away and sit on the couch watching instead. We managed to linger downtown long enough to see the never-disappointing show from the car, and escaped before the mass exodus away from the riverfront. The only way to do it...

exotic yellow

Since my plant identification skills are obviously lacking, I simply have to paint this intricate plant without knowing its name. Its bright yellow spiky center caught my eye at once, one of many treasures to be found in the woods this time of year.


On Saturday we broke away from the house and went for a short walk in Beaman Park. I wanted to practice identifying wild plants, hoping to learn some new ones. We walked slowly, explored the creekbed, and took plenty of photos. I found, though, that when I arrived home to look up all the unfamiliar plants, I had not gathered enough information. So, my best guess is that this is myrtle, though I could easily be mistaken.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

dark dusk

This glowing dusk is one that I have wanted to paint for some time, with its warm light and dramatic darks. I would love to see it very large, looming dark. I still have not found the best way to approach it technically, but I think it is worth figuring out.


Although I spent most of the time on my fishing outing with my eyes glued to the water, I was occasionally startled from my concentration by a huge great blue heron or a striking kingfisher gliding by. I admired their confidence on the river, certain of their next meal, especially since I felt completely inept and out of place.

caney fork

On Friday morning I had my first-ever solo fly fishing outing. I felt a little lost, even after managing to find the place and set up my rod. I really didn't know where to begin-- I just made my best guess, picked out a spot that didn't look too difficult to wade, and made a few very poor casts. Of course, those tactics don't lead to catching trout, but I had a wonderful time on the river and spent the morning watching the mist rise from the water. Even though I have yet to catch a trout, I would gladly spend many hours more on the water trying.